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Our Team


Our principal chiropractor is Dr Jamie. He graduated right here in New Zealand! He grew up just down the road in Rolleston and has a massive interest in cricket and rugby. He now loves caring for children and babies, and has a keen interest in men’s health. When he’s not at practice, he enjoys time in the kitchen or at the dog park with Miss Meera & Mr Mo.

From Jamie:

We’ve seen how chiropractic care positively changes lives, families and communities. There’s something extraordinary about working with people who want to grow personally and see their community thrive too. It’s a dream to watch kids we have seen for years grow through life, and equally exciting to watch our senior clients regain their joy and passion they may have lost.

We want to impact how you might perceive your own health, and your body’s natural abilities to heal. Health is about cultivating what is already there, and growing your understanding of what is possible. We can help you see what is holding you back from being the person you want to be, and then support you to overcome these limits.

Our wonderful assistant and soon to be practicing Chiropractor is Nishi. She too graduated right here in New Zealand! She grew up in India and moved here when she was 13. She has a special interest in care for women, especially those who are highly stressed and want a long term health solution. When she’s not at the practice, she enjoys creating masterpieces with paint, going on a bush walk with her beautiful dogs, and eating good food!

From Nishi:

Dr. B. J. Palmer, a pioneer of chiropractic said, “You never know how far reaching something you think, say or do today, will affect the lives of millions tomorrow”.

Thank you for choosing us to support you to grow your wellbeing and life satisfaction through natural therapies. Our highly qualified practitioners are here to support you to grow your wellbeing and life satisfaction, through ongoing, compassionate and practical care.