At Eden, we have created a space for our community. We run clubs, organise events and workshops to best support the mental, emotional and social aspects of health as well. Check out the upcoming events below!



At Eden, social health is as important to us as physical health. To support this, we have created opportunities to get connected! The Cork and Canvas Club creates a space for women to come enjoy our connected community while learning to do something new and having a few laughs! For the next event look us up on Facebook or Eventbrite.

The Circle


Are you currently pregnant or trying? Have issues with fertility? Do you feel frustrated with the knowledge you don’t have yet? Do you have questions that haven’t been answered? The Circle is the place for you! The Circle is a regular event designed for those who are trying to get pregnant, pregnant currently, or looking for answers to their questions about their own child. Follow us on facebook for the next event.